Beans 2 Brew

What is Beans 2 Brew?

B2B MISSION GRAPHICBeans 2 Brew (B2B) is a student-led, student-run 501(c)(3) organization. The B2B mission is to provide volunteers with applicable business experience in relevant areas of study and to raise funds for affiliated clubs. This is achieved by operating a coffee shop located in Peacock Hall.  

What is the B2B Vision?

Simple. To empower, educate and equip students by being the model of experiential learning in higher education.

What are B2B's Core Values?

Inclusion. We welcome those of all backgrounds, ethnicities, perspectives, and business interests to get involved and add value to our organization.

InnovationWe embrace change and strive for continuous improvement to maximize our ability to provide an excellent experience for our customers and volunteers. 

RelationshipsWe build positive relationships with our customers, the local business community, and club partners based on trust, integrity, and respect. 

SustainabilityWe practice conscious consumerism that promotes the livelihood of local businesses and protects the environment. 

Volunteer development. We provide self-motivated individuals with a unique opportunity for professional growth and skill development through involvement in the business team. 

Why join B2B?

Come learn by doing! Leadership, accounting, marketing, supply chain, staffing, and human resources are just the beginning. Build your resume with real-world experience. Come join the B2B team.

Already a volunteer or ready to become one?

Check out the B2B VOLUNTEER  PORTAL. You can read more about being a volunteer, watch training videos, sign up for volunteer shifts, and of course, learn more about the business teams and CONNECT to become part of the B2B Business Team!