The Transportation Insight Center for Entrepreneurship at Appalachian State University helps students and alumni launch successful businesses, enhance their future prospects, and the region’s economy. It's mission is To deliver transformational education experiences for our students beyond the classroom; therefore helping students conceive, develop, incubate, and launch their business ideas.The Center was created in 2006 to support a rapidly increasing group of student entrepreneurs. In 2011, the Center was named for Transportation Insight, a nationally recognized entrepreneurial company specializing in supply chain management, following a $1 million gift that enabled the Center’s renovation in 2018 Peacock Hall.

Since 2011, the Center has expanded its offerings to students, including a student accelerator program and build upon the foundation of existing programs, such as the Carole Moore McLeod Entrepreneur Summit, Pitch Your Idea Contest, and the Dale Tweedy Mentoring Program.  In addition, the Center support the local chapter of the Association of Student Entrepreneurs.

The Transportation Insight Center for Entrepreneurship supports the objectives of Appalachian State and the entire University of North Carolina system. Entrepreneurship is a crucial tool for economic development, especially in Western North Carolina, where many traditional industries have declined in recent years. The future economic development of Western North Carolina is critically related to the region's ability to grow from within.

The Transportation Insight Center for Entrepreneurship brings faculty, students, businesses and community partners together to:

  • Engage more students in practical educational experiences with regional, national and international entrepreneurs.
  • Promote education, research and service collaborations with other organizations involved in entrepreneurship and economic development.
  • Increase the visibility of Appalachian's entrepreneurship career opportunities and educational offerings both internally and externally.
  • Enhance undergraduate and graduate educational opportunities in areas related to entrepreneurship by providing support for new workshops, programs, research initiatives and service opportunities.




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Check out our new, interactive start up building platform! Getting started is hard, and without the proper support, guidance, and resources, it can seem impossible. ASUlaunch is an online platform provided by the Transportation Insight Center for Entrepreneurship at Appalachian State University. We focus on providing a full array of startup resources to help support and accelerate the growth of High Country entrepreneurs. There is no better time to get started than now. Go explore!

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