Alumni Startup

If you are an Appalachian alum with a great idea for a new business venture, we want to talk to you. We can help you bring that idea to life while providing invaluable experiential learning opportunities for students. You own the idea. You own the business. 100%. LEARN MORE

Build-a-Business Workshop Series

Interested in starting your own online business while attending college? Want to market and sell your favorite products online? Don't have a specific product in mind? The Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) will help you find one. Come participate in our Build-a-Business Workshop series where you will learn how to create your own online business ....from start to finish. If you ever wanted a shortcut to building a business online, this is it! LEARN MORE.

Entrepreneurship Roundtable

Not ready for the formality of a one-on-one appointment of your own? Are you interested in listening in as students ask questions and discuss their ideas? Join the conversation, and you might just discover the inspiration you need to get involved. LEARN MORE

Dale Tweedy Mentorship Program

As you develop your idea and explore a venture of your own, engage with the extensive network of mentors available to help you along. There is no substitute for advice from someone who has been down that path before and gets personal fulfillment from sharing that experience with you. LEARN MORE

Startup Factory

What does it take to be an entrepreneur? Simple. An entrepreneurial mindset helps you recognize opportunities and approach life with a Can-Do attitude. Join our Tuesday workshops and nurture a mindset that will help you achieve whatever goals you decide to pursue. LEARN MORE