Spring Launch Party

What is the Spring Launch Party?

The Spring Launch Party is an opportunity for the Center for Entrepreneurship; Appalachian faculty, staff and students; and Boone community members to celebrate students who have worked all year on their business ventures. How will we celebrate? A party – complete with student pitches, judges, an audience, and prize money too! The first-place winner will walk away with $3000, second place $1500, and third place $500

Unlike other competitions that reward good ideas, the Spring Launch Party rewards good execution. The students selected to pitch will have a vision for their business, a business model, and a financial plan. Qualifying students will have performed enough customer discovery to declare a value proposition that distinguishes their company in its industry.

Student ideas will be selected based on the viability of their concept and their business model.  Participants must be prepared to launch their business, begin landing customers, and start earning revenue by the end of the Spring 2021 semester.

The participants in the Spring Launch will deliver a 10-minute presentation to a panel of entrepreneur judges who provide feedback and vote on the concepts that are best prepared for launch.

Interested in Pitching your Business for Cash?

How far can you get in developing your business by the end of Spring 2021? Let's find out when you pitch your business model and share your plan for finding customers and earning revenue. Get started today and APPLY. Deadline for applying is Thursday, March 18, 2021.

Learn more about the Spring Launch Party Sponsor

The Spring Launch Party is thanks to the generous donation of Zach and Linda Tate and the Anne Cannon Trust. 

Anne Cannon Trust LogoThe Anne Cannon Trust was established in 2004 united under the goal of funding non-profit organizations in the state of North Carolina. With the main focus on supporting North Carolina- based institutions of higher education, the Anne Cannon Trust offers financial aid in the forms of academic and travel scholarships. The Anne Cannon Trust has historically worked with North Carolina institutes of learning to support the academic, cultural, and personal enrichment of students of all ages. By funding scholarships like travel abroad programs and individual academic aid, the Anne Cannon Trust enables students to take full advantage of extracurricular experiences that are so paramount to shaping the full student today, while enhancing their competitive edge in the workforce. Wherever possible, Anne Cannon Trust partners with organizations that share in the same mission of advancing students across all their educational endeavors and wherever possible, focusing on under-represented classes. Outside of the educational scope, the Anne Cannon Trust also provides additional support for non-profit organizations focusing on health and environmental advocacy within the state of North Carolina.